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Yes, the founder has created yet another Wiki. So go check it out!


Dokuro-chan is getting a small upgrade. Tomorrow, I will try to upgrade the Main Page so that all of the viewers (or lack thereof) can get more easily to Help pages and Special pages. Also, I'm adding a 'Quote of the Week' section for quotes in Dokuro-chan that I found funny. The episode list, incomplete with synopsis, transcript, and screenshots, has been put into effect with the first opening theme, so be sure to check that out. Note that the transcript is missing because of the lyrics, so we obviously won't need that. Just to clarify, if anyone decides to join me in my quest to make a comprehensive, if not somewhat comedic, Wiki on Dokuro-chan, please don't put the Romaji/Japanese words on the transcript. If anyone decides that they'd like to do that, please tell me and I'll gladly compromise. Arigato, da yo! Dokuro-chan!


The Club-to-Death Angel finally has her own Wiki. I'm talking, of course, about Dokuro-chan! So far, this Wiki is bare. Please feel free to create articles! When creating articles, using the Japanese system for naming them (i.e., Mitsukai Dokuro instead of Dokuro Mitsukai). Arigato, da yo! Dokuro-chan!

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